Last week most servers became active and operational so most of you should now be able to get online and view the content.

We are 75% online so you will find some are working some are not, these are being linked manually and will be complete in the next couple of days,You may find some down time during these server moves.

If your not getting any content working try the following :-

1) Logout and back in again
2) Clear cache of the app
3) Re add your playlist to your app
4) Uninstall and Reinstall the app you use
5) Refresh your channels and EPG

Please do not make any payments or if you have made a payment then you subscription will be created or extended once we are 100% operational.

All subscription times have been frozen and will start again 48 hours after we are 100% back online.

Thank you for your patience and remember you are not losing any subscription time during this migration.

The Team

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